Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thank you, and please be patient

First, thank you to everybody who has visited this blog.  I am grateful to have over 10,000 hits in the year-plus since I began posting.  Thank you! 

Google blogs is very frustrating, therefore I am in the process of moving to another platform.  I hope to be up and running very soon.  If you need your Nancy Sundays fix in the meantime, check out my buddy at “nancy is happy scans”.

I also plan/hope to start new blogs of 2 other of my favorite childhood strips, Buz Sawyer in the ‘70s and Motley’s Crew, 1976-1979.  I will post links to all when they are up and running.
Thanks again.  Scott.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Introducing... Nancy Ritz!

Fritzi Ritz daily, Monday January 2, 1933

Well, the story starts here.  It’s a new year and Fritzi’s niece has come to stay with her.  Just like Sluggo, Nancy is a mystery child.  No back story on her parents or why (or how long) she has come to “stay” with her aunt.

Nancy will star in the next two weeks of strips and then recede into the background again, only occasionally showing up.  Her time is still in the future.